With an aim to encourage agri-entrepreneurship among the youth, Bhoomiputri collaborates with educational institutes and universities. With active relationships with academic institutions already underway, the initiative is first of its kind in the industry.


  • Exploit the available talent and resources in the campus for productivity through entrepreneurial activities.
  • Spread Awareness, ignite ideas, accelerate or incubate the startups from within the campus as well as with local community groups.
  • Connect the campus talent to the National and International organizations or agencies by hand holding the budding professionals with curated Mentors, Industry Personnel, or any such Government opportunities


    Short Term

  • Motivate and enable at least ten startup teams per academic year with a mixed combination of academic streams. Engage at least one third of the campus strength on entrepreneurial activities during the academic year.
  • Long Term

  • Generate measurable intellectual properties ( IPR) from the campus based on innovations through entrepreneurial activities. Gradually evolve the E-cell in the campus as a matured platform for the key startup functions including Team Building, Product Design & Development, Funding and Marketing.


Bhoomiputri with its expertise in the startup ecosystem to evaluate the specific needs from the campus every quarter of the academic year and then coordinate with the designated faculty-student team to chalk out the specific activities within the scope of academic calendar of the institution.

Each specific entrepreneurial activity is documented with scope of work, budget and timeline to meet the desired outcomes. A collaborative digital platform is used to seamlessly engage with documentation, communication, commercials if any, and compliance to the stakeholder organizations.

Individual Startup or Team engagement specific to the Idea/Venture/Project/Opportunity is further in need of signing the required documents, paper credentials, or any statutory demands. Involvement of any third party in such activities have to be mutually decided to meet the gaps or improve the outcome.